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Welcome to Bromo Cottages : The Finest Cottages with a great view of Bromo Mountain
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Bromo Cottages Hotel was establish in 1991 with only had 66 rooms. Over times, we have been doing some additions, improvements and repairs for rooms, restaurant area and the most recently added, the passenger elevator.


Geographical situation

Bromo Cottage is situated in Tengger plateau. The area is approximately 40km to the south and north; 20 - 30 km from east to west, the altitude between 1000 m - 3675 m. Tengger area is located in four districts, namely: Probolinggo, Pasuruan, Malang and Lumajang. This type of land surface is mountainous with steep cliffs. Tengger caldera is the largest sand sea, situated at an altitude of 2300 m, with a length of 5 - 10 km. The crater of Mount Bromo, with an altitude of 2392 m, which is still. To the south there is peak of Mount Semeru with a height of 3676m.

The Soil and Crops

State of the Tengger friable soil is sandy, yet quite fertile. The perennials that grow primarily are laranthifolia agathis, pine merkusii, Tectona, grandis leucaena, and Swietenia altingia excelsa, anthocepalus cadamba. At the top of the hill, there are trees up to 3000 m on the slopes of Mount Semeru. The main plants that grow in that peak are Elfin and pine trees, while the mainly agricultural crops are potatoes, cabbage, sweet cassava, maize and so on.


Types of Animals

Most of the local societies have some livestock like bulls and goats. Other animals are wild boar (sus scrofa), east deer (Cervus timorensis), wolf or (muncak Muntiacus), and also leopard (Panthera pardus). There are also species of birds, such as water birds.

Climate and Weather

Tengger regional climate is rainy and dry. The dry season occurs between the months of May to October. The rainfall in Sukapura is around 1800 mm, while the rainy season occurs in November-April, with the percentage of 20 days / month. The temperatures are vary, depending on the altitude, between 3 º - 18 º Celsius.

During the rainy season, humidity is an average of 80%. The temperature throughout the day is cool, and at night is cold. In the dry season, the nighttime temperature is colder than the wet season. In the rainy seasone is usually shrouded by thick fog. In the area of the township, the fog began to thicken in the afternoon. In the area around the summit of Mount Bromo, the fog began to thicken in the morning before dawn.

Population and Livelihoods

The residents in the vicinity of Bromo National Park are about 128,181 people with the following distribution: 48 625 landless people (37.93%), laborer 10 461 people (8.16%), and military employees 1595 people (1.24%), merchant 3009 people (2.38%), craftsmen / small industries 343 people (0.01%), and others around 64,140 people (50.05%). Tengger society in general population residing in groups in the hills close to agricultural land. They live from farming the fields, with rain-fed irrigation. At first they are planting corn as a staple food, but it's been changed. In the rainy season they grow vegetables such as potatoes, cabbage, onions, and carrots as a cash crop. At the end of the end of the rainy season they grow corn as a staple food reserves.


Name Origin of Tengger

Tenggerese or Tengger People is one of Indonesian tribes that live around Bromo Mountain which located around Pasuruan, Lumajang, Probolinggo and Malang Regency.

The Tenggerese are the descendants of the Majapahit Princes. Their population  is about 600.000 inhabitants within thirty villages.

Tenggerese are being known as obedient Hindu followers. For them, Bromo Mountain is sacred. In once in a year they held ceremony of Kasada or Yadnya Kasada as a thanks giving to the Lord. This ceremony is always held in midnite in full moon time around date of 14 or 15, based on Javanese Calender.

Beside Hindu, Tenggerese are also incorporated with Buddhist and Animist. Like Balinese, they worship Sang Hyang Widi Wasa or Big Almighty Lord. Their places of worship include the Punden, Poten and Danyang. The Poten is a sacred area of ground at Mt. Bromo's Sand sea, and becomes the focus of the annual Kasada Ceremony. Within the Poten, it contains several buildings and enclosures, arranged in a specific composition called the Mandalas (Zones).

The Tenggeres also worship a host of spirits or such ancestor worship. Cikal Bakal is the spirit of the founders of the village, while the Roh Bahurekso is the village guardian spirit and The Roh Leluhur is the spirit of ancestors.

The name Tengger is believed taken from the name of the ancestor, who was Roro Anteng and Joko Seger. In daily speaking, Tenggerese speak in Javanese, in Majapahit dialect, which is Bahasa Tengger. They also have their own written based on Kavi script, an old Javanese Brahmu type.

The Tenggerese are basically either agriculturalists or nomadic herders. The agriculturalists generally live on the lower altitudes, while the nomads live on the higher altitudes, riding on small horses. Regarding that Bromo Mountain is the most attractive Mountain that visited by worldwide tourist, it makes Tenggerese find the opportunities to make a living by guiding, renting a horse, selling merchandise or selling food in stalls around Bromo Mountain.

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